What’s your verdict on Calhoun Street?

Calhoun Street demolitionCalhoun Street in downtown Fort Wayne from Washington Boulevard to Berry Street was demolished, and rebuilt, and is now a two-way street. What do you think?

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Photo © Scott Spaulding

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  1. A complete waste of TWO MILLION TAXPAYER DOLLARS just so King Henry doesn’t have to go one block out of his way to head south on Harrison.

  2. I thought Calhoun was just fine BEFORE, and while we can clearly see that we’re losing some trees and beauty and character, I don’t see what we’re gaining.

    And to top it off, the city has spent money on Wells street that narrows it here and there, and beautifies it, and which contributes to a sort of ‘happening’ vibe down there.

    The stadium downtown is very nice, and there was a genuinely pleasant vibe down there this past summer; it enlivened downtwon.

    What’s happening on Calhoun seems to indicate that our city has no cohesive vision of what it wants, or where it’s going.

  3. From what I heard it was about one million for the work and an additional million that will be paid as interest on that million.

  4. Walked down the completed Calhoun Street for the first time last night, and I was fairly impressed. Crisp, clean, simple, intentional, designed, and more than adequate for any pedestrian use. I think Tom Cain mentioned he was working on public benches, so hopefully that will improve it even further. The best things, I thought, were the synchronized sidewalk lights, and the modern sculpture on the east side just north of W. Wayne (though I think its a faux metal meant to imitate bronze or copper, which I don’t like). Very fun and creative.

    What I don’t like, even though they look perfectly suitable and safe, is the choice of light fixtures. I can’t quite understand everybody’s desire to replicate the 19th century. It seemed a stretch on Wells Street and elsewhere, and completely unnecessary and even inappropriate here, given there are only two or three remaining 19th/early 20th century buildings left! Why are we so desperate for the past? When did we stop looking forward? When did we lose our courage?

    But all in all, I’m pleased.

    As for money, I couldn’t care less. If it’s the right thing to do, then do it. BTW, anybody have numbers on, say… Illinois Road/14 work?

  5. Well the street is fairly lit up better and there are lots of places to decorate for the Christmas season. It is a joy to have a street like that in the downtown area. Folks who attend the Fort Wayne Philharmonic concerts now have a rather scenic, enjoyable, safe, and classy street to walk down to the restaurants located on Wayne street which boosts the downtown economy. Kudos to the Downtown Improvement Projects!!!

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