The highways of the future!

From YouTube:

An excerpt from the 1958 Disneyland TV Show episode entitled Magic Highway USA. In this last part of the show, an exploration into possible future Transportation technologies is made. It’s hard to believe how little we’ve accomplished on this front since 1958, and how limited the scope for imagining such future technologies has become. Witness an artifact from a time where the future was greeted with optimism. Note the striking animation style here, achieved with fairly limited animation and spectacular layouts.

As Tom Vanderbilt says:

A few parts Norman Bel Geddes, add a dash of atomic utopianism, a twist of Broadacre City, and follow with a Wall-E chaser.


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  1. That was pretty funny! I liked how they hit some of their predictions pretty squarely; rear-view video cameras, air medical rescue, GPS navigation (more or less), and business people conducting business as they drive (although in their vision, the car is driving itself). Even their misses are endearingly Jetsons-like.

    Their shopping center of the future evokes current airport designs

    I did note that no homeless people were milling around beneath all those endlessly elevated highways and so on!

  2. Amazing! Absolutely amazing! I could envision an entire semester’s college course using just this as the curriculum.

    But the animation, gorgeous. Seriously.

    Best quote:

    “As in the past, the highways of the future will continue to play a vital role in the progress of civilization. It will our magic carpet to new hopes, new dreams, and a better way of life for the future.”

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