Slow down, you move too fast

A policy that encourages cars to keep moving privileges cars at the expense of pedestrians and bicyclists. Since drivers, for the most part, already believe that they have priority on the road, in places where there are many more walkers and bicyclists, drivers able to drive more quickly because of fewer impediments would likely feel […]

$55 million Maplecrest extension approved

I honestly want to hear John Kalb‘s view on this project: Less than a week after a majority of members expressed serious doubts about the project, Allen County Council on Tuesday overwhelmingly approved the extension of Maplecrest Road from Lake Avenue south to Adams Center Road. The 6-1 vote in favor of a $25 million […]

Bacteria that eat waste and poop petroleum

What in the world? We’re talking about the genetic alteration of bugs — very, very small ones — so that when they feed on agricultural waste such as woodchips or wheat straw, they do something extraordinary. They excrete crude oil. Unbelievably, this is not science fiction. Mr Pal holds up a small beaker of bug […]

Conservative columnist “pumped” about $4/gallon gasoline

But Charles Krauthammer wishes the money were staying in the U.S.: Some things, like renal physiology, are difficult. Some things, like Arab-Israeli peace, are impossible. And some things are preternaturally simple. You want more fuel-efficient cars? Don’t regulate. Don’t mandate. Don’t scold. Don’t appeal to the better angels of our nature. Do one thing: Hike […]

Columbus, Ohio, has big bike plans

Does Fort Wayne have any plans similar to this? In the Columbus Dispatch: Add 31 miles of off-street trails and 58 miles of on-street bike lanes and routes. Make N. High Street friendlier to bicyclists. Build a Downtown bike station where two-wheel commuters would be able to change clothes and park their bikes. Those are […]

One-way vs. two-way streets

(Jon) The citizens of Richmond, Va., last year had a vigorous discussion about converting downtown one-way streets into two-way streets. The Urban Richmond blog took some time to break down some of the arguments for and against such a conversion. The arguments are nowhere near cut-and-dried either way. The blog divides up the arguments like […]

Tribute to a ‘radical’ traffic engineer

(Jon) I’d never before heard of Hans Monderman, who died yesterday, but according to Streetsblog, he was “a rare and radical traffic engineer who believed that the art and science of his profession could be used not just to facilitate the movement of motor vehicles but to build community and enhance human relationships.” Raise the […]

Car trouble

If you want to feel how desperately dependent on the automobile you are, simply arrange for your only vehicle to break down. This happened to me and my family recently, and suddenly, getting a daughter to a distant doctor, getting a dog to the vet, and getting groceries became either difficult or impossible. At least […]