Mobile Connectivity and Urban Interaction

What does it mean to be social? Being “social” used to mean that a person was outgoing and enjoyed interacting with people – an extrovert. Today, most equate the term “social” with social media and online communities. The most social among us are perceived to be those who maintain several social media accounts and have […]

A better Barr Street, or a barren one?

(Jon) We at The Good City are all for downtown development, but I wonder if the improvements happening on Barr Street will have anything more than a cosmetic effect. Above is the artist’s rendition of what the area will look like. The Journal Gazette said this: Over the next three months, the city will fulfill […]

One-way vs. two-way streets

(Jon) The citizens of Richmond, Va., last year had a vigorous discussion about converting downtown one-way streets into two-way streets. The Urban Richmond blog took some time to break down some of the arguments for and against such a conversion. The arguments are nowhere near cut-and-dried either way. The blog divides up the arguments like […]

Walkable urbanism

(Jon) Can walkability save a downtown? Christopher Leinberger in his new book, “The Option of Urbanism,” makes just such a case. This column by author Neil Peirce begins with a little suburban history lesson: (A)fter World War II, with Americans’ rush to thousands of new suburban locations, a never-before-seen norm appeared. Leinberger calls it “drivable […]