Downtown is not the only town

I’m thankful for businesses like Aptera Inc. who have decided to move to downtown Fort Wayne and support our urban core. But downtown Fort Wayne isn’t the only urban business district around here. If you want to do business — or open a business — in a close-knit, walkable, multi-use community, you could also consider: […]

Why a young person would want to leave Fort Wayne

It’s funny how a seemingly innocent photo can reveal a cultural fault line. This photo of a sign on Taylor Street in Fort Wayne posted on Fort Wayne Observed was greeted with this response: I think it’s on “This is Why Young People Want To Leave Fort Wayne” Street. That is: Christianity, or a certain […]

Will Harrison Square hate pedestrians?

Will the Harrison Square retail development in downtown Fort Wayne make pedestrians more or less welcome? And why would I ask the question, seeing as how there are so many pedestrians drawn on the architectural renderings? But there’s a potential problem with the above streetscape, and David Sucher’s Three Rules for urban design (PDF) addresses […]

The 12 traits of a walkable community

What makes a walkable community? Dan Burden gives us the 12 most important things to rate when searching for a Walkable Community. Note how they apply so well to smaller towns: 1. Intact town centers. This center includes a quiet, pleasant main street with a hearty, healthy set of stores. 2. Residential densities, mixed income, […]

What does it cost to live in your neighborhood?

The Spaulding brothers do a great service by pointing us to the Housing and Transportation Affordability Index, which shows the affordability of your Fort Wayne neighborhood based on housing and transportation costs. As you can guess, everything’s cheaper the closer you get to the core of the city. As the Spauldings say over on their Web […]

Note to BMV: This is how the voting age works

If we had believed the workers at the Waynedale Bureau of Motor Vehicles, my son would not be voting in the primary next week. They kept insisting that 17-year-olds cannot vote in the primary if they turn 18 before the general election in November. But the following is from the Indiana Secretary of State’s Web […]

‘Urban excitement is possible close to home’

This comment by Michael Bates of BatesLine in Tulsa was too good to be ignored: Two generations have been raised to see the tidy segments of the suburbs as normal and the city as a messy mix that needs sorting out. That’s starting to change, and a significant number of people have experienced the pleasures […]