Mobile Connectivity and Urban Interaction

What does it mean to be social? Being “social” used to mean that a person was outgoing and enjoyed interacting with people – an extrovert. Today, most equate the term “social” with social media and online communities. The most social among us are perceived to be those who maintain several social media accounts and have […]

How to talk to strangers

(Jon) Being nice to strangers is never easy and being polite in public never comes without some training. But it’s still shocking how incivility and rudeness have become so common even as technology makes communication easier. Today was communication day at the YLNI Leadership Institute — led by Anthony Juliano of Asher Agency and the […]

Britney Spears, “American Idol” and the corporate Cassanova

(Jon) Why did Britney Spears hit such a personal and professional low? It’s not a typical Good City question, but I heard the echoes of one of our themes in a story on MSNBC headlined, “Who Can Save Her Image?” Here’s the money quote from Eric Foster White, who co-wrote six songs on Britney’s first […]

The Good City’s comments policy

(Jon) A recent commenter wrote me a private email, saying that if I don’t allow comments from anonymous complainers, that I’m a big sissy chicken girl. (I may be paraphrasing.) That reminds me that I’ve been considering publishing an actual policy on comments here at The Good City instead of keeping it only inside my […]

41 books to read in 2008

(Jon) My first New Year’s resolution is: Stop buying books. I have enough books on church, culture, cities and community on my shelves to last me at least through December. And they all came highly recommended by those who have a love for the city. Take a look: Home From Nowhere by James Howard Kunstler […]

Tearing apart the patchwork quilt of society

In their latest newsletter (PDF), my friends at AB417 lay a smackdown on the Internet: There is no such thing as a cyber community. At best, there already exists a community that perhaps can be enhanced through an online connection. The problem is not the intranet (sic), but a society that sees it fit to […]