Why a young person would want to leave Fort Wayne

It’s funny how a seemingly innocent photo can reveal a cultural fault line. This photo of a sign on Taylor Street in Fort Wayne posted on Fort Wayne Observed was greeted with this response: I think it’s on “This is Why Young People Want To Leave Fort Wayne” Street. That is: Christianity, or a certain […]

What is the most crying need of the church in America today?

Here is how Tim Keller, pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City, answers the question, emphasizing the importance of cities: I’m throwing in with Jim Boice on this one (cf. his Two Cities: Two Loves.) The evangelical church must stay true to its biblical foundations, and it must maintain and enhance the effectiveness […]

The architecture of altruism

(Jon) An article over on Comment magazine by Calvin College professor James K.A. Smith nicely encapsulates much of what we hope for in Fort Wayne. Below are lots of quotes from Loving our neighbour(hood)s: The architecture of altruism. It’s full of good stuff: The culture of “automobility” engenders a residential architecture where the three-car garage […]

Great article: ‘Urban Paradox’

(Jon) Today I have the pleasure of pointing you to an excellent summation of what we’re hoping to accomplish here at The Good City. This article, called “Urban Paradox: Reconnecting Church and the City,” was published in byFaith magazine and written to a more general Christian audience, so it starts with a bedrock Biblical foundation: […]

41 books to read in 2008

(Jon) My first New Year’s resolution is: Stop buying books. I have enough books on church, culture, cities and community on my shelves to last me at least through December. And they all came highly recommended by those who have a love for the city. Take a look: Home From Nowhere by James Howard Kunstler […]

The fallacy of survey-driven theology

Is the American church judgmental, hypocritical and too political? That’s what most young non-Christians think. What should your church do about it? Local blogger Charles Langley asked me to read his post on the book “unChristian” and let him know what I think. I’m grateful he asked. I recommend you go there and read his […]

It’s time for Christians to get over it and celebrate Halloween already

This is a repost from my own blog at www.jonswerens.com. Soon after my wife and I became Christians, the first holiday out the window was Halloween. It was obviously devilish, and we wanted our children to have nothing to do with it. Back in the ’80s and early ’90s, Satanism scaremongers like the now-discredited Mike […]