Note to BMV: This is how the voting age works

If we had believed the workers at the Waynedale Bureau of Motor Vehicles, my son would not be voting in the primary next week.

They kept insisting that 17-year-olds cannot vote in the primary if they turn 18 before the general election in November.

But the following is from the Indiana Secretary of State’s Web site:

Q: I’m turning 18 right before the election. When can I register? When can I vote?

If you are turning 18 before or on the next general election date, you can register. You can vote in both the primary and general election, even if you are not 18 on the primary election date. However, you will not be eligible to vote on school board members, political party precinct committeemen, or political party state convention delegates elected at the primary election. (emphasis mine)

Are BMV workers not trained on the rules of voter eligibility? How many other eligible voters have they turned away?