“Sidewalks in the Kingdom” podcast

Over on our Resources page, I’ve linked to a great podcast by “Sidewalks in the Kingdom” author Eric Jacobsen.

If you don’t know, “Sidewalks” is a highly recommended book on urbanism and the church. If you want an idea of what we’re hoping to accomplish with The Good City, “Sidewalks” would be a great place to start.

The book isn’t at the Allen County Public Library, and it’s likely not on a shelf in any bookstore locally. So you’d have to order it sight unseen.

But to get a big introduction to what Jacobsen’s book is advocating, download the MP3, recorded by the Work Research Foundation in Canada. It’s 54 minutes long and about 22MB.

— Jon Swerens 

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  1. Maybe someone would like to ask the library to order that book? Or you could buy it and donate it on the condition that it be put on the shelf, and not sent over to their thrift store.

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