Pigeons… in Fort Wayne?

Not sure if this is a problem in the Fort, but it caught my eye because on my street in NYC we had a Pigeon Lady who almost daily fed these beguiling birds, no doubt to the consternation of her neighbors.

Anyway, are there any pigeons in Fort Wayne? Though I wouldn’t feed them, I’d sure like to see them…


  1. Scott – Some years ago, we “planted” peregrine falcons in downtown Fort Wayne. They nest in the tall buildings. They feed on birds like pigeons. Our pigeon “problem” was taken care of by these raptors. John B. Kalb


  2. I had pigeons that nested in a portion of our roof overhang (nice architectural term huh) at my old apartment. They were the most noisy, evil creatures I have ever had the honor of co-habitating with. I couldn’t even sleep on the couch for all the cooing. Ack! Fox scent finally did away with them. This was about 12 years ago in Lakeside Area.


  3. Fort Wayne tried to use various means to rid the downtown area of them. They where destroying the courthouse all by temself.

    Then the falcons where introduced. In three years they where all gone.


  4. All over the top of the courthouse, Scott, despite the giant plastic owl perched over Berry Street and the squawking falcon recordings emanating from speakers nearby.

    I could barely restrain myself from busting out laughing one day while sitting at a conference table in an office across the street from the courthouse. A pigeon looked like it was actually snuggling with the fake owl.

    Pigeons are gross and their feces can cause histoplasmosis. I once lived in Chicago across the street from a building that was absolutely drenched in pigeon poo. Quite an unsightly view. Then they put spikes on the ledges and the beasts moved across the street to my building and laid eggs in my flowerpots and would squat on them. (I confess to committing quite a few forced abortions and had some qualms about it.)

    Flying rats is what they call them in Chi-Town and that’s just what they are.


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