New Urbanism lecture on YouTube

Here’s a well-thought-out lecture on New Urbanism by Andres Duany, author of Suburban Nation, The Rise of Sprawl and the Decline of the American Dream — a book I happen to be reading right now and enjoying very much.

This lecture is posted in nine parts (often chopped up in the middle of words). All nine pieces of the lecture can be found here.

Also, you can read an excerpt from Suburban Nation here. I’ll be posting about the book as I read through it over the coming weeks.


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  1. Suburban Nation was the first Urban Planning book I read, about 3 years ago. I will cherish it always, as it put confirmed many of the things I was thinking, but in a concise and readable manner. It really set me down the path that I’m on now, the path towards a more sustainable model of development.


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