Left turn to nowhere

This is the repaved block of Calhoun Street between Jefferson and Washington boulevards.

Instead of a turn lane that directs you into the breakfast buffet at the Hilton, perhaps the city could consider a center-of-the-road refuge island for hotel-goers crossing the street? Such an island would typically be used on wider streets, but visitors would likely be carting a lot of suitcases, making such an island useful.

Leave the center lane for cars coming from the north and turning left into the parking garage. Then build the refuge just to the south of the garage entrance.

It’d certainly help welcome visitors to Fort Wayne.

Here’s an example posted on Flickr:

— top photo by Jon and posted to Flickr


  1. Thanks for the post! I’m glad I’m not the only one to notice the extra arrow. They almost got it right! It makes sense to have a turn lane into the garage but I don’t think the Hilton wants people turning their vehicles into their lobby. Never a dull moment on Calhoun Street!


  2. Everyday that I actually drive my car home from work(instead of ride the bike), this makes me angry. How stupid are these construction people?! Seriously!

    That lane is too small for anything, and the left turn lane going onto Washington can only fit ONE CAR. Idiots.


  3. To be fair, I’m not sure the actual construction people were the problem. A traffic engineer came up with that plan, and evidently no one caught his error.


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