It’s time for Christians to get over it and celebrate Halloween already

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Soon after my wife and I became Christians, the first holiday out the window was Halloween. It was obviously devilish, and we wanted our children to have nothing to do with it.

Back in the ’80s and early ’90s, Satanism scaremongers like the now-discredited Mike Warnke saw nothing but evil in the celebration of Halloween. American Christians, steeped in the belief that the end times were upon us, were all too eager to believe the worst about any subject.

As my wife and I grew to understand more fully the sovereignty of God, our views on Halloween relaxed. But we were never completely comfortable with the idea.

Until a few years ago, when one well-written article dismantled all manner of faulty prejudices.

You must read the whole article. For one thing, it’s short. Well, kinda short. For another, it’s rare to find someone with this opinion of what is so commonly believed to be a Satanic holiday co-opted by the church. The truth may very well be the opposite:

(M)any articles in books, magazines, and encyclopedias are written by secular humanists or even the pop-pagans of the so-called “New Age” movement. … These people actively suppress the Christian associations of historic customs, and try to magnify the pagan associations. They do this to try and make paganism acceptable and to downplay Christianity. Thus, Halloween, Christmas, Easter, etc., are said to have pagan origins. Not true.

Oddly, some fundamentalists have been influenced by these slanted views of history. These fundamentalists do not accept the humanist and pagan rewriting of Western history, American history, and science, but sometimes they do accept the humanist and pagan rewriting of the origins of Halloween and Christmas, the Christmas tree, etc. We can hope that in time these brethren will reexamine these matters as well. We ought not to let the pagans do our thinking for us.

Read the entire article here.

Now, if you still have serious moral reservations about Halloween, then don’t you dare celebrate it. As the Bible says, if you think it’s a sin, then to you, it is a sin.

But if all you’ve had is some sort of vague unease, then you can relax. Halloween is one of the few holidays left that are natural times to get to know your neighbors. Pass out candy (full-size Hershey bars — no apples or tracts, please) and talk to the wandering kids and their parents. Be friendly and be real.

On October 31st, the world is quite literally at your doorstep.

BONUS: Carve your own online pumpkin.

— Jon Swerens

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  1. I read the article that you have published in your blog. It has a good point. It is also a good point about what you say about meeting the neighbors. But the problem I have with Halloween is how the media has given it an overrated “Hollywood” status and glorified death with its stories and dramatized documentaries for the sake of ratings and money. Jason, Friday the 13, Texas Chainsaw…ect. Not even Sci-Fi is free from superstition.

    Because of this there are many people who would actually worship this season other than Christmas. The when Christmas comes around they really dont think of the reason of its true meaning. Does anyone in Tinseltown have a movie that actually states the reason why we celebrate Christmas other than saying “Its about sharing and loving”? That last real movies made about Christ other than Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ” are now surpassing the 50 year mark. Instead, I see more violence and evil portrayed in movies ever more frequent all year round with a highlight during Halloween. Death, death and more death. The media cannot get enough of it!

    Has it ever occured to anyone to really question the reasons why Jesus’s name is hardly ever mentioned in the media. I mean a real explanation, not one that will fall on the political issues that revolve around the Seperation of Church and State concepts.

    This is one reasin why I credit all the “High thinking philosophers” from the 18 through the 19th centuries for having seperated us further from God than ever before which is one of the underlying reasons why manking slaughtered about 200 million people through out the 20th Century warfare episodes.

    If anyone wants to get a brief look at Hell, then reaf Mary K Baxter’s Book on the Divine Visions of Hell. After I had read this one I had decided that ehough is enough. For now on

    But what else can I say…this is the world. Unfortunatly it is still Satan’s domain and his goal is to ever confuse God’s will on Earth. So instead of going with the flow like everyone else, I silently respect other people’s opinion but stand my ground with Christ and Glorify Him everyday and will convey the Gospel to anyone who wants to listen to it. After all God gave man the privilage of freedom of choice. Its up to man to make the right decisions.

  2. Yes, God’s Word is clear about pagan customs, but we shouldn’t let modern pagans rewrite history:

    The observance of various celebrations of All Saints arose in the late 300s, and these were united and fixed on November 1 in the late 700s. The origin of All Saints Day and of All Saints Eve in Mediterranean Christianity had nothing to do with Celtic Druidism or the Church’s fight against Druidism (assuming there ever even was any such thing as Druidism, which is actually a myth concocted in the 19th century by neo-pagans.)

    Still, Christians are under no obligation to celebrate Halloween or any other church holiday that isn’t in Scripture.

  3. Thank you for making that point about rewriting history. There is too much history that is being rewritten in that way.

    If you haven’t alreasy seen it, you may like to have a look at a “synchronised blog”, where a group of Christians all blogged on Halloween last week. You can find my contribution at Who stole Halloween?, with links to all the others.

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