Market-driven urbanism: The TGC Reboot

It’s time to begin again. Thanks to friends saying this blog must be revived, The Good City is now back in business. We’re retooling the focus of the blog to concentrate on market-driven urbanism versus the more common centrally planned urbanism. But what’s market-driven urbanism? Here’s a definition from the Market Urbanism blog: Market Urbanism examines […]

Welcome visitors

(Jon) Nancy didn’t know how to label us. We don’t really know, either. We’re not just evangelicals, although we believe the Bible wholeheartedly. We’re not just conservatives, because we’re not sold-out Republicans at all. We’re both confessional, we both love cities and we both long for authentic community. Maybe we’re just Kuyper Christians. It was […]

“Sidewalks in the Kingdom” podcast

Over on our Resources page, I’ve linked to a great podcast by “Sidewalks in the Kingdom” author Eric Jacobsen. If you don’t know, “Sidewalks” is a highly recommended book on urbanism and the church. If you want an idea of what we’re hoping to accomplish with The Good City, “Sidewalks” would be a great place […]

Called to work — and live — in the city

The folks of Comment magazine have some advice for 28-year-olds who believe that they are called to live in the city — and who are doing so, but who are discouraged and confused by the challenges they and their cohort are experiencing — in corporate life, city administration or politics, education, film and other media, […]