Why the public hates publicly funded art

(Jon) If public art has the power like no other to “brand” a city — think of the Eiffel Tower and the Gateway Arch — then why is the public so often against the expenditure? Dan on Cyburbia thinks it may be the style of art that’s been typically commissioned in the last half of […]

4 reasons to not bust a gaping hole into a historic theater

Forget about building a downtown aquarium. Fort Wayne wants to build a suspended, over-the-street, glass-boxed, out-of-town-visitorium. In an effort to prevent convention goers from ever having to walk on an actual sidewalk, the folks building Harrison Square downtown want to carve a hole into the west side of the historic Embassy Theatre (actually, that side […]

Big zoning proposals for downtown

The gentlemen of the Downtown Fort Wayne Baseball blog are surprised by how little the city has promoted Monday’s Plan Commission meeting which will feature a public hearing on zoning changes west of Harrison Square. If they hadn’t heard about it, then nobody has. I may have more questions about the plan myself later, but […]