Mobile Connectivity and Urban Interaction

What does it mean to be social? Being “social” used to mean that a person was outgoing and enjoyed interacting with people – an extrovert. Today, most equate the term “social” with social media and online communities. The most social among us are perceived to be those who maintain several social media accounts and have […]

Making room for outdoor space in private urban developments

A recent Atlantic Cities piece written by Kaid Benfield, “What Developers Get Wrong About Smart Growth,” profiles cities that have made a commendable effort to include public green space in and around adjacent urban infill projects, presumably completed by private developers. As mentioned in the article, typical infill projects exist on such tight sites that […]

The four elements of great coffeehouses

(Jon) The article is aimed at the college student, but it’s wonderfully applicable to everyone who craves community. The article in Comment magazine is titled “Great coffeehouses, great conversations, and the college experience” and written by Larry Bourgeois, who has been starting coffeehouses and bookstores since the 1970s. As his bio says: Larry believes that […]

Clotheslines in a Good City?

So on the heels of the Grassroots Green event, I was reading through the Green Living Guide (which everybody should buy!) and noticed a small article promoting the drying of clothes on a clothesline instead of an electric (or gas) drier. I didn’t even realize, though I shouldn’t have been shocked, that many HOA’s, landlords, […]