Recommended reading on State Boulevard widening

I’m way late commenting on this story, since it ran in the April 1 Journal Gazette. But “State of State Boulevard” by Stacey Stumpf is an excellent read on the city’s plan to widen and straighten State Boulevard west of Clinton Street. It’s excellent because it clearly presents the city’s case for the construction and […]

Market-driven urbanism: The TGC Reboot

It’s time to begin again. Thanks to friends saying this blog must be revived, The Good City is now back in business. We’re retooling the focus of the blog to concentrate on market-driven urbanism versus the more common centrally planned urbanism. But what’s market-driven urbanism? Here’s a definition from the Market Urbanism blog: Market Urbanism examines […]

The roads that hate pedestrians by design

More poor people are moving into the suburbs, which means more pedestrians in neighborhoods which were built with only cars in mind. This report examines the many obstacles to making multi-lane roads safer for pedestrians. What roads around Fort Wayne have similar problems? Update: Here’s my 2008 post on a dangerous crossing on North Clinton […]