The New Slum?

(Scott) Are suburbs the new slum? Great article at Especially page three, where the author predicts the future. For 60 years, Americans have pushed steadily into the suburbs, transforming the landscape and (until recently) leaving cities behind. But today the pendulum is swinging back toward urban living, and there are many reasons to believe […]

One-way vs. two-way streets

(Jon) The citizens of Richmond, Va., last year had a vigorous discussion about converting downtown one-way streets into two-way streets. The Urban Richmond blog took some time to break down some of the arguments for and against such a conversion. The arguments are nowhere near cut-and-dried either way. The blog divides up the arguments like […]

Pedestrians and one-way streets

(Jon) A recent letter to the editor in The News-Sentinel: Traffic much better Traffic flows much better now with Wayne and Berry being one-way streets than it will if changed to two-way traffic. It’s true, a lack of foresight in closing off the important north-south through street of Harrison was a mistake, but don’t try […]

Re: The world’s greatest neighborhoods

I’m always telling people that the world’s greatest neighborhoods are terrible places to park, and it’s no coincidence. … Part of the reason you don’t see much parking in back, of course, is that if this is a successful urban neighborhood, someone is going to come along with a more valuable use for that land […]

Downtown design guidelines: Never implemented?

(Jon) While looking for information to bolster my previous post about the new downtown Subway restaurant, I came across the Fort Wayne Downtown Design Guidelines (PDF). At the bottom of the cover, it says, “Proposed Effective Date: Jan. 5, 2004.” But it doesn’t seem it was ever implemented. Can anyone point me to a short […]

A suburban Subway on an urban street

“Urbanism starts with the location of the parking lot.” — David Sucher (Jon) When the downtown Fort Wayne Subway shop was torn down to make way for Harrison Square, it was a safe bet that it would rebuilt nearby. And with the recent emphasis on downtown renewal, this property at the southeast corner of Jefferson […]

‘Unsustainable housing meets unsustainable finance’

(Jon) Triple Pundit gives its view on the “sub-prime meltdown,” and it says it’s simply too many people buying too much house with too little money. Look at the areas hardest hit by the sub-prime collapse: “Subdivisions built on the edges of urban areas where once arable land is bulldozed to make way for over-sized, […]

The architecture of altruism

(Jon) An article over on Comment magazine by Calvin College professor James K.A. Smith nicely encapsulates much of what we hope for in Fort Wayne. Below are lots of quotes from Loving our neighbour(hood)s: The architecture of altruism. It’s full of good stuff: The culture of “automobility” engenders a residential architecture where the three-car garage […]