Do you want this in your neighborhood?

(Jon) In response to my call for neighborly modern home architecture, Scott rises to the challenge. He points us to an article and photos in Dwell Magazine which discusses this house built in a distressed neighborhood in Dayton, Ohio. The builders of the home were warmly welcomed: Luckily for the couple, there weren’t any stringent […]

The house of the past’s future

(Jon) While we await some architects to respond to the last post and show off some neighbor-friendly modern housing that’s isn’t a throwback to the Victorian era, here’s an idea from the past — the 1971 fab prefab Venturo: The advertising pitch, from “A lake, land and sea, a beautiful valley, incomparably compatible settings […]

Must New Urbanism look old?

(Jon) Neal makes a valid point regarding my post, “New Urbanism blooming in Bloomington”: A neat development in a neat town, but the main problem is that the new houses are old-fashioned looking. What part of “New Urbanism” says it has to look like the thirties? I know the looks are a response to what […]

‘Good men are public blessings’

(Jon) There is no such thing as piety that is only private. The following verse is from our public confession at church this morning: “By the blessing of the upright a city is exalted, but by the mouth of the wicked it is overthrown.” Proverbs 11:11 ESV If the upright remain hidden behind closed doors […]

New Urbanism blooms in Bloomington

(Jon) A big hat tip to Urban Indy for this: As a new development in central Bloomington shows, New Urbanism in many ways is just the old urbanism. This is from a story in the Indianapolis Business Journal about how new housing is being built to blend in with the existing neighborhood around it: “The […]

Walkable urbanism

(Jon) Can walkability save a downtown? Christopher Leinberger in his new book, “The Option of Urbanism,” makes just such a case. This column by author Neil Peirce begins with a little suburban history lesson: (A)fter World War II, with Americans’ rush to thousands of new suburban locations, a never-before-seen norm appeared. Leinberger calls it “drivable […]

Ye Olde Urbanism gets boot in britches

(Jon) A proposal to build a Medieval European village has gotten hogtied by modern Indiana regulations. The people behind Simpler Times Village want to build a rural community with old-fashioned ideals — really olde — in green space in Madison County. From its Web site: Can you imagine a storybook village in old world Europe? […]

Casinos are still illegal, aren’t they?

(Jon) Somehow, Fort Wayne seems to have elected a mayor who is aggressively pro-gambling. If you missed it, Mayor Tom Henry told Indiana’s NewsCenter on the first day in office that he wants the plans for a new Fort Wayne casino in place by this summer: The topic of gambling has crossed the mind of […]