The fallacy of survey-driven theology

Is the American church judgmental, hypocritical and too political? That’s what most young non-Christians think. What should your church do about it? Local blogger Charles Langley asked me to read his post on the book “unChristian” and let him know what I think. I’m grateful he asked. I recommend you go there and read his […]

How to disagree agreeably

Last night’s blogger and politics conference was everything I had hoped for: An opportunity to meet with local bloggers and politicians and to get to know them better, especially while hanging out afterward at J.K. O’Donnell’s. But the evening had its low point. Moderator Nathan Gotsch played gotcha with a local blogger during Gotsch’s 40-minute […]

New Media, New Rules presentation

If you’re a blogger in town, you’re certainly quite aware of the New Media, New Rules presentation at the downtown library Thursday evening. The presentation focuses on politics, especially on the local mayoral race here in Fort Wayne. This is from the press release: New Media, New Rules will feature a presentation by Fort Wayne […]

The question of rural development

Before the week completely gets away from me, I should mention Kevin Leininger’s column in Saturday’s News-Sentinel with the headline “A battle over property rights.” Here’s the lead: Drive down most any road in rural Allen County and you’ll see them in increasing numbers: new homes scattered among the barns, fields, fences and old farmhouses. […]

Indy’s new downtown library

The Indianapolis Central Library opened today in downtown Indy, and The Indy Star gave its front page to a review by architecture critic Lawrence W. Cheek. He finds the library astonishingly well done, despite budget overruns and delays. But I thought his discussion of the purpose of the library’s glass atrium may be applicable to […]