Read ‘The Three Rules,’ and tell the author what you think

To those who love our city, here’s your assignment: First: Understand The Three Rules. David Sucher loves cities. He hopes to foster what he calls “urban villages,” cities that are vibrantly urban but yet also in some way cozy and neighborly. Kinda like what many of us want in Fort Wayne. His Three Rules are […]

Car trouble

If you want to feel how desperately dependent on the automobile you are, simply arrange for your only vehicle to break down. This happened to me and my family recently, and suddenly, getting a daughter to a distant doctor, getting a dog to the vet, and getting groceries became either difficult or impossible. At least […]

Proposal: Open-source government

Transparency. Conversation. Collaboration. In a post below entitled “How not to fix your city,” I ended with an off-hand remark: But the way to retain young business people can be as simple as making it easy to start a small business. Kevin Knuth, chairman of the Allen County Democratic Party, rightly thinks I’ve left a […]

A maddening map of the precincts

Has anyone ever successfully used the Allen County GIS system to determine his own precinct or polling place? I appreciate the effort that went into gathering all the information and pulling it into one system. But the county system is a classic example of enterprise software being written for programmers rather than for end users. […]