Restaurants, bars build “smoke-easies”

Did the city of Fort Wayne even consider the effects of its ban on smoking in restaurants and bars? Here’s Kevin Leininger on local restaurants’ efforts to aid and comfort its smoking customers: (The law) bans smoking in certain “enclosed areas,” which it defines as “space between a floor and ceiling which is enclosed on […]

10 great streets and neighborhoods

Great Places in America is a cool new designation by The American Planning Association that “celebrates places of exemplary character, quality, and planning.” Out of the 10 Great Streets for 2007, the Midwestern streets are: Delmar Loop, University City and St. Louis North Michigan Avenue, Chicago (pictured) Out of the 10 Great Neighborhoods, the one […]

Called to work — and live — in the city

The folks of Comment magazine have some advice for 28-year-olds who believe that they are called to live in the city — and who are doing so, but who are discouraged and confused by the challenges they and their cohort are experiencing — in corporate life, city administration or politics, education, film and other media, […]