Looking at paleo-urbanism

There’s plenty of talk about New Urbanism in city planning circles nowadays. But Eric Jacobsen (pictured), author of the great book “Sidewalks in the Kingdom,” makes a valid point about how the impact of New Urbanism may remain isolated. After a discussion and critique of the New Urbanist town of Seaside, Florida, Jacobsen turns his […]

It’s time for Christians to get over it and celebrate Halloween already

This is a repost from my own blog at www.jonswerens.com. Soon after my wife and I became Christians, the first holiday out the window was Halloween. It was obviously devilish, and we wanted our children to have nothing to do with it. Back in the ’80s and early ’90s, Satanism scaremongers like the now-discredited Mike […]

A Few Thoughts on Renaissance Point

Today I toured the model houses of Renaissance Point on John Street. You can see my photos here, though the other Scott has a better camera and his photos are available here. Overall, I’ve been impressed with this whole development. For far too long there has been very little or nil investment in this part […]

Renaissance Pointe photos

Scott Spaulding of the Downtown Fort Wayne Baseball blog has posted some of his photos from today’s Renaissance Pointe City Living Tour. You can find them here, on Flickr. Remember, you can tour the neighborhood from noon to 5 p.m. Sunday. Oct. 21, Saturday, Oct. 27, and Sunday, Oct. 28. Read more about it right […]

Tearing apart the patchwork quilt of society

In their latest newsletter (PDF), my friends at AB417 lay a smackdown on the Internet: There is no such thing as a cyber community. At best, there already exists a community that perhaps can be enhanced through an online connection. The problem is not the intranet (sic), but a society that sees it fit to […]

“Sidewalks in the Kingdom” podcast

Over on our Resources page, I’ve linked to a great podcast by “Sidewalks in the Kingdom” author Eric Jacobsen. If you don’t know, “Sidewalks” is a highly recommended book on urbanism and the church. If you want an idea of what we’re hoping to accomplish with The Good City, “Sidewalks” would be a great place […]

Front Porches vs. American Idol

Tonight I’m sitting out on the front porch of our 100-year old rental house in a paleo-urbanistic neighborhood, and I’m quite enjoying myself. The porch light is on, my pipe is lighted, my legs are propped up on the balustrade, and a slight chill is in the air. Though dark outside, the old-fashioned street lamps […]