The problem with escapism

Eric Jacobsen draws the distinction between the American version of freedom — escapism — and the Biblical definition — liberation: The problem with escapism as a way to deal with problems … is that it cannot go on forever. This is painfully obvious to anyone who has bought a suburban house on the very edge […]

The battle of Water Song addition

If a developer told you he was going to build a gas station on the property behind your house, after you were told by the home builder that the property’s zoned for an office park, what would you do? Some residents of Water Song addition near the corner of Coldwater and Union Chapel roads want […]

Links from the 21st century — and the 19th

Three great links of interest that have absolutely nothing to do with each other: Death by bad urban design: “When an area is designed with only car travel in mind, it puts the pedestrian at a severe disadvantage. Sometimes that disadvantage is fatal.” “Find your Address in the ‘BEGIN HERE’ box … then click […]

Keller on the Influences on Indiana Youth

WORLD CITY-CENTERS ARE GROWING IN POWER AND CONNECTEDNESS Globalization is making major world cities more powerful than ever. Why? The mobility of capital means national governments are now virtually powerless to control the flow of money in and out of their own economies, thus greatly decreasing their influence in general. The cities are the seats […]

4 reasons to not bust a gaping hole into a historic theater

Forget about building a downtown aquarium. Fort Wayne wants to build a suspended, over-the-street, glass-boxed, out-of-town-visitorium. In an effort to prevent convention goers from ever having to walk on an actual sidewalk, the folks building Harrison Square downtown want to carve a hole into the west side of the historic Embassy Theatre (actually, that side […]